Dakota Life tells stories of extraordinary people, places

Dakota Life tells stories of extraordinary people, places South Dakota Public Television went in search of ordinary people and places with extraordinary stories. The result is Dakota Life.

In October, Dakota Life takes a look at three kinds of artists.

One story looks at an artist who is "sphere"-heading a new direction in painting; another segment steps along with young people who march to the beat of their own drums; the third story goes to the rodeo for some clowning around. The show airs at 8 p.m. CT/7 MT Friday, Oct. 2.

* "My Life in a Bucky Dome" takes a whimsical tour of the works of artist Dick Termes. The internationally known Spearfish artist creates "Termesphere" paintings on spheres, which he describes as "a completely unique, holistic way of seeing, thinking and painting."

* "SuFuDu: Drums of a Different Beat" marches to the tune of some different drummers. This group of 21 accomplished high school-aged and college-aged drummers was started by parents who wanted to give their kids an outlet. Now, they're in demand, performing in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. They write their own music and do their own choreography.

* "Rodeo Clown" visits the funny faces who entertain crowds and sometimes keep cowboys out of trouble. Why would someone want to be a rodeo clown? Viewers get a chance to go behind the scenes to find out what goes on in a day in the life of a rodeo clown.

Dakota Life a monthly series, takes viewers on a journey over the highways, through the byways and into the past, present and future. New shows will air at 8 p.m. CT/7 MT on the first Friday of the month. Each show will be repeated during the month to give everyone a chance to tune in.

October's show will be broadcast at 8 p.m. CT/7 MT Friday, Oct. 2 and 1 p.m. CT/noon MT Sunday, Oct. 4.

Join host Michelle Van Maanen for an extraordinary look at people and places in South Dakota.

This general magazine format program will cover all of the state and deal with everyday living — interesting people, places and things that make living in our state special.

It will include visits with artists, musicians, artisans, teachers, historians, museums and even a street person or two.

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