Fiddlin’ around was highly recommended at Saturday’s Old-time musical jamboree Shrine to Music Museu

Fiddlin' around was highly recommended at Saturday's Old-time musical jamboree Shrine to Music Museum hosted the event for the first time Wilbur Foss by David Lias Earl Lundin of Revillo admits it.

He's a closet accordionist.

"Usually I not out performing all that much. I learned to play the accordion when I was kid, and put it away for a long time. But a few years ago, I dusted it off and started playing again."

Lundin also admits he's no polished, professionally-trained musician. "I can't read a lick of music, I guess I just learn all the songs by ear," he said.

Lundin's lack of formal musical training didn't prove to be a handicap Saturday at the 1998 South Dakota Old-time Fiddle Contest and Jamboree, held for the first time in Vermillion thanks to the help of America's Shrine to Music Museum, located on the USD campus.

Lundin won first place in the accordian competition.

Wilbur Foss of Scotland, who founded the Old-time Fiddler's Contest in 1973, said people were pleased with the event's new home this year.

"We were very pleased, and I think the event, if it continues in Vermillion, will give added exposure to the Shrine to Music Museum," Foss said.

For many years, the contest was held at various locations in Yankton. Foss then moved the event to Scotland, but "for some reason, we couldn't get anyone to take it over."

He's grateful that the Shrine to Music Museum stepped in this year and offered to help host the jamboree. It allowed approximately 40 musicians from all over the country to not only compete musically, but also to renew some old friendships that have been inspired by the jamboree's 25-year history.

"It was a wonderful weekend," Foss said. "We talked to a couple from Burke who have been to the contest 25 times."

The contest originally was limited to just fiddle players, Foss said.

"We added an accordian contest for our German and Czech folks," he said. "It gives us a variety."

The fiddle contest and jamboree is attended mostly by retired folks, Foss said, who have never grown tired of that style of entertainment.

"They remember it from when they were young," he said. "And this is something that I just really enjoy. We enjoy the camaraderie, we enjoy the playing, and we enjoy making people happy."


Winners of the 1998 Old Time Fiddler's Contest include:

Open Division/Jr./Jr.

Michael Noah, Akron, IA; Katie Olmstead, Lamoni, IA; Orin Van Ostran, Sioux City, IA; Rocky Skarin, Onawa, IA; and Annie Skarin, Onawa, IA.

S.D. Division/Jr./Jr.

Sophie Stevens, Yankton; Sadie Stevens, Yankton; Brenna Olson, Sioux Falls.

Open Division/Jr.

Evan Van Ostran, Sioux City; Tim Barker, Ireton, IA; Mathew Tyler, Dawson, MN; Jim Herman, Whitehall, WI; Jordan Omstead, Lamoni, IA.

S.D. Division/Jr.

Krystal Maras, DeSmet.

Open Division/Adult

Ranae Thomsen, Norfolk, NE; Michelle Schettler, LeMars, IA; Darvin Johnson, Balaton, MN; Marcene Weise, Luverne, MN.

S.D. Division/Adult

Kari Blom, Sioux Falls; Ingrid Alice Selihasen, Vermillion; Brenda Warborg, Brookings; Laura Draskovik, Yankton; Mick Warborg, Brookings.

Open Division/Senior

Verle Austad, Mindoro, WI; Jeane Buer, Canby, MN.

S.D. Division/Senior

Bernadette Westegaard, Yankton; Robert Hutchinson, Presho; George Mallory, Sioux Falls.

Open Division/Sr./Sr.

Harry Hanson, Gordon, NE; Edwin Heft, Omaha, NE.

S.D. Division/Sr./Sr.

Arnold Johnson, Estelline; Philip Eiserman, Sioux Falls; Ralph Saathoff, Estelline; Glen Solinger, Sioux Falls; Vince Weidler, Howard.


Earl Lundin, Revillo; Willis Wehrspan, Ft. Dodge, IA; Paul Bader, Valentine, NE; Walter Mehlum, Westby, WI; Don Quincy, Trosky, MN.

National Invitational

Mel Bedard, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada; Kay Werre, Fullerton, ND; Brad Solon, Rapid City; Jason Clark, Vermillion; Stephanie Lynch, Burbank; Dan Radford, Inver Grove Heights, MN.

Twin Fiddling

Kaye Werre, Fullerton, ND and Krystal Maras, DeSmet; Jason Clark, Vermillion and Ellsworth Clark, Mason City, IA; and Michelle Schettler, LeMars, IA and Jason Clark, Vermillion.

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