SDPTV presents Fall Festival ’98

SDPTV presents Fall Festival '98 South Dakota Public Television is getting ready to greet the new season with its Fall Festival '98 pledge drive.

From Sept. 12 to 20, as SDPTV presents a dynamite line-up of music, drama, comedy and more, viewers will be asked to contribute to Public Television and its mission of offering the best in quality programming.

Specials during Fall Festival '98 range from a big South Dakota favorite — The Three Tenors — to a different kind of artist — legendary horse trainer Monty Roberts.

The pledge drive features terrific music performances to fit every age and taste, including:

* Skitch Henderson at 80 (6 p.m. CT/5MT Saturday, Sept. 12).

* Tibor Rudas Presents Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti with Levine — The Three Tenors Live in Concert — Paris 1998 (8 p.m. CT/7MT Saturday, Sept. 12).

* James Taylor Live (8 p.m. CT/7 MT Sunday, Sept. 13).

* Yanni Tribute (10 p.m. CT/9 MT Sunday, Sept. 13).

* John Fogerty: An "In The Spotlight" Special (8:30 p.m. CT/7:30 MT Tuesday, Sept. 15).

* Patti Labelle Live! (10 p.m. CT/9 MT Wednesday, Sept. 16).

* Lawrence Welk To America With Love (6 p.m. CT/5 MT Saturday, Sept. 19).

* Fleetwood Mac: An "In the Spotlight" Special (10 p.m. CT/9 MT Saturday, Sept. 19).

As the Festival winds down, SDPTV's dramatic coverage of the South Dakota High School Rodeo Championships, taped earlier this summer, will saddle up at 1:30 p.m. CT/12:30 MT Sunday, Sept. 20. Then, viewers can join Monty Roberts, A Real Horse Whisperer for an extraordinary documentary of his taming of a wild mustang at 4 p.m. CT/3 MT, Sunday, Sept. 20.

Other Fall Festival '98 shows include:

* Uncle Matty's Guide to Doggy Problems (4:30 p.m. CT/3:30 MT Saturday, Sept. 12).

* Gung Ho! Succeeding in a Changing World (5 p.m. CT/4 MT Sunday, Sept. 13).

* Over Ireland (6:30 p.m. CT/5:30 MT Sunday, Sept. 13).

* Riverdance: Live From New York City (7 p.m. CT/6 MT Monday, Sept. 14).

* Cirque Ingenieux (9 p.m. CT/8 MT Monday, Sept. 14).

* The comedy team The Cartwright Brothers in the SDPTV studio for jokes and gags during breaks and between shows (Tuesday evening, Sept. 15).

* Michael Feldman's "Whad'ya Know?" (7 p.m. CT/6 MT Tuesday, Sept. 15).

* Monty Python's Flying Circus (10:30 p.m. CT/9:30 MT Tuesday, Sept. 15).

* Teletubbies (7 p.m. CT/6 MT Wednesday, Sept. 16).

* Dr. Laura Schlessinger: The Ten Commandments, What's In It For Me? (8:30 p.m. CT/7:30 MT Wednesday, Sept. 16).

* Dr. Laura repeat (4:30 p.m. CT/3:30 MT Saturday, Sept. 19).

* British Comedy Festival with showings of Keeping Up Appearances, Waiting for God, Are You Being Served? and Monty Python's Flying Circus (8 p.m. CT/7 MT Saturday, Sept. 19).

* World War II Battle Force (5 p.m. CT/4 MT Sunday, Sept. 20).

* Best of Festival featuring viewer favorites from the pledge drive (8 p.m.CT/7 MT Sunday, Sept. 20).

During the pledge drive and throughout the whole year, SDPTV is committed to bringing South Dakotans the best in quality television.

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