Tanager basketball team defeats Canton

Tanager basketball team defeats Canton by Vicky Lio The Vermillion High School's varsity basketball team beat Canton Sept. 15 by a score of 63-37.

Coach Doug Tuetken felt that the team played well.

The half-time score was 28-13.

Leading scorers were Amanda Iverson with 22 points, Laura Burcham with 12 points, Shorey Tuetken with 8 points and Melissa O'Conner with 8 points.

Leading in rebounds were Iverson with 9, Burcham with 5, Tuetken with 3, and O'Conner with 5.

Tuetken and Jackie Powell each had six assists.

"Laura Burcham played an extremely good game. She held the girl she was guarding scoreless and scored 12 points," Coach Tuetken said.

Tuetken still hopes to increase the rebound numbers. The girls will work on this along with other skills in preparation for their next game, which is against Alcester-Hudson.

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