Tanagers shut out Beresford

Tanagers shut out Beresford by Vicky Lio VHS's varsity football team came out on top with a 13-0 victory against Beresford Sept. 11.

After a scoreless tie at halftime, Jay Merrigan threw a 33 yard touchdown pass to James Ofstehage on the initial drive of the second half to score with 8:37 left on the clock for the third quarter. Nick Meyer kicked the extra point.

With the score up 7-0, Justin Griffith scored a touchdown on a 32 pass interception late in the game.

VHS had a total of 138 offensive yards and Beresford had 126.

"We were very pleased with the victory against a very tough Beresford team," said Head Coach Gary Culver. "The team played very well defensively."

Leading Vermillion's defense was Merrigan with 11 tackles, Jessie Paulson with 8 tackles, Tom Dorcey with 6 tackles and 1 pass interception, and Griffith with 5 tackles and 2 pass interceptions.

Anthony Senne and Cory Novak each had 4 tackles, and Ofstehage and Matt Knutson made 3 tackles.

Louis Sitting Crow rushed 11 times for 44 yards, and Griffith rushed 9 times for 33 yards.

Culver said the players will work to become more consistent with their offensive attack.

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