The Sports Fan is airing on Public TV

The Sports Fan is airing on Public TV Attention, sports fans. Now's the time to put on your thinking (or sports) caps, sit back, turn on the TV and take part in sports through South Dakota Public Television's brand new talk show — The Sports Fan.

Host John Schramek is a sports fan, but the viewers are The Sports Fan.

Once a week, Schramek and guest co-hosts will be fielding phone calls and e-mail from the viewers during the show about all kinds of sports at all levels.

Plus, they'll be talking with athletes and coaches and sharing their thoughts on some of the hot topics in sports.

Occasionally, SDPTV's weekly one-hour venture into the world of sports will include special segments — interviews with celebrities or discussions with special guests.

Viewers with tapes of special sports moments are invited to call or e-mail during the week. Some tapes may be used on air.

On Sept. 29, Schramek and co-host Steve Imming, Sports director of WNAX Radio, will take a look at golf and the use of golf carts in the PGA.

The show includes a taped interview with Casey Martin, the golfer who sparked controversy when this fight to use a golf cart on the pro circuit ended up in court.

Schramek will suggest topics for the next show at the end of each show.

Viewers can get the word on the topics by turning in or be checking out the Web page at But the viewers will have control, by picking the topics and guiding the discussions via phone calls and e-mail before and during the show.

The Sports Fan, an hour-long show, will air weekly at 8 p.m. CT/7 MT Tuesdays through April.

Schramek, a Public Television veteran with more than 14 years of experience, says the most important aspect is viewer interaction.

The focus is on discussion, not game highlights or lists of scores, according to Schramek.

The show will cover all levels of sports and all sorts of issues ranging from person-

alities to performances to controversies.

Viewers can contact Schramek during the week, too, via phone, e-mail, regular mail or fax.

Call 1-877-TALK-PTV (1-877-825-5788); e-mail,; Fax, 1-605-677- 5010 (during the week); write The Sports Fan, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, P.O. Box 5000, Vermillion, SD, 57069-5000.

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