USD provides financial help

USD provides financial help Due to the lateness of some loans and other forms of financial aid, The University of South Dakota and the USD Foundation have collaborated to provide special financial assistance to needy students.

This financial assistance effort is being conducted by the USD Financial Aid Office and the USD Foundation to help students through a difficult period as the school year begins on campus. Students with temporary financial need contact the Financial Aid Office, which then certifies their need to the USD Foundation. Nearly $10,000 has been allotted to students needing financial assistance.

"The USD Foundation's support is very helpful not to mention timely," said USD President James W. Abbott. "I cannot thank them enough for their efforts to make this possible. I know our students are appreciative because many have told me so," said Abbott.

As part of their arrangement, students agree to pay back the non-interest bearing loans upon the receipt of their student loan or other form of financial help.

USD Student Association President Jason Schulte is pleased that the university is providing this temporary assistance. "For students like myself who rely on financial aid to go to school, this assistance is vital. It is nice to know that the university is willing to do what it takes to help students in times of need," said Schulte.

"President Abbott called to ask for emergency consideration for students and we thought this would be a good example of why we are here," said Ted Muenster, USD Foundation President. "Fortunately alumni and friends of USD make this possible for us to help our students," he said.

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