VHS Tanagers collar Bulldogs

VHS Tanagers collar Bulldogs By Vicky Lio The Vermillion High School Football Team traveled to Madison Sept. 4 and won their second game of the season 12-3.

Vermillion had a total of 14 first downs, 240 yards, 1 penalty for 5 yards and 3 turnovers.

Madison had 7 first downs, 86 yards, 3 penalties for 25 yards and 2 turnovers.

"We, as a coaching staff, were very pleased with our performance against Madison. We played especially well in the second half as we dominated in all phases of the game," Head Coach Gary Culver said.

The halftime score was 3-0 with Madison in the lead. Then Tim Brodersen recovered a fumble and returned it 17 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, Jay Merrigan rushed one yard for a touchdown.

The Tanagers will continue to work on developing consistency throughout the entire game with the offense and improve their kicking game for the home game against the Beresford Watchdogs on Sept. 11.

Individual results: Merrigan completed 3 of 15 passes for 38 yards, had 3 interceptions and made 5 tackles.

Louis Sitting Crow rushed 24 times for 150 yards and made 6 tackles.

Justin Griffith rushed 18 times for 62 yards.

Troy Rickord caught two passes for 23 yards.

Tom Dorcey intercepted one pass and returned it 13 yards. Dorcey also made 10 tackles.

James Ofstehage had 9 tackles.

Brodersen had 5 tackles.

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