1,000,000 tabs to benefit McDonald House; St. Agnes plans ‘Pop Tab Mania’ fun night

1,000,000 tabs to benefit McDonald House; St. Agnes plans 'Pop Tab Mania' fun night During the 1992-1993 school year the fourth-grade class at St. Agnes Catholic Grade School in Vermillion along with their instructor Sally Merrigan, asked the question "How much is a million?"

In answer to the question the students proceeded to make 1,000,000 X's on paper. The following school year, 1993-1994, the same group of students along with Lisa Hoffman, decided to begin collecting pop tabs to actually see what 1,000,000 pop tabs would look like. Soon the entire school, parish, and community became involved.

The project quickly turned into a service project for the Ronald McDonald House in Sioux Falls. Now after five years of networking and collecting pop tabs, St. Agnes School met its goal of 1,000,000 tabs this summer.

In addition to giving the proceeds from the sale of the recycled pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House, the school will take up a collection for the day-to-day needs of the guests at the Ronald McDonald House. The school is collecting postage stamps, toiletries, soup/stews, snacks, and household cleaners.

An exciting Pop-Tab Mania Family Fun Night is planned for Thursday, Oct. 22 at the St. Agnes School Gym from 7 to 9 pm. The 1,000,000 tabs will be on display in containers.

The evening will include many game stations, each incorporating pop tabs in the activity, popcorn and pop for each visitor, and a gallon jar filled with tabs for each person to try guessing the correct number of pop tabs.

The evening will also include a short program describing the history behind the collection, a special thank you to the class of 2001 who started the project, and a presentation of the collected items to the assistant director of the Sioux Falls Ronald McDonald House.

The week of Oct. 19-23 has been designated as Pop Tab Mania Week as St. Agnes School. Besides the Family Fun Night, other activities which have been planned include: backwards day, hat day, and dress down day. Those who choose to participate in dress down day must pay a fee for the day. The fees collected will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House,

St. Agnes School has approximately 140 students in grades preschool-grade 5. Students in all grades have been active in collecting and counting the pop tabs.

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