Clark, Johnson seeking election to House

Clark, Johnson seeking election to House Judy Clark

Name: Judy Clark

Age: 55

Family: Husband Dean; children Dawn, Dean, Robert (at USD), James (at Vermillion High School).

Occupation: Executive Director, United Way of Vermillion.

Education: B.A. University of Maryland, College Park.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, gardening, historic preservation, city planning.

Why are you running for election to the State House of Representatives? I'm running to give the citizens of the 17th District a real voice where it counts — in the majority party caucus. I'd be an effective legislator.

What kind of state representative would you be? A good one! One who listens to her constituents and is visible and available all the time, not just at election time.

What are the biggest challenges facing South Dakota? Educational funding, economic development, environmental protection.

What is your number one goal, if elected? Working toward an outstanding educational system.

General comment: I have the experience in public service and local government. I've shown that I can define a problem and work with others to solve it. I can get things done for Clay and Turner counties.

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