Colorprint U.S.A. exhibition to be at USD November 1-26

Colorprint U.S.A. exhibition to be at USD November 1-26 The exhibit, Colorprint U.S.A., will be hosted by The University of South Dakota University Art Galleries and displayed in the Main Gallery of the Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts, Nov. 1 – 26.

The featured artist from South Dakota is USD art Professor Lloyd Menard, one of 53 contributors to the national exhibit.

Each artist involved in Colorprint U.S.A. produced an edition of over 50 prints which have been organized into 50 shows scheduled to open simultaneously in 50 museums and art galleries coast to coast in the first week of November.

Featuring outstanding examples of lithography, woodcut, etching, screenprint, and other printmaking procedures, the national exhibit consists of works created by artists throughout the United States, with at least one exhibitor from each state contributing.

The show was organized by University Art Galleries at USD and Colorprint U.S.A., a project conceive by Professor Lynwood Kreneck of Texas Tech University at Lubbock, as a spin-off his popular printmaking portfolio exchange program.

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