DARE Report

DARE Report Last week the students learned about stress. Stress refers to physical and mental strain felt about a situation or an event. The reactions that stress triggers in the body, mind and emotions can be helpful under certain conditions, but may be harmful if uncontrolled. Students must learn to recognize stress encountered in their daily living and ways that they can deal with it other than by taking drugs.

This week students must learn that reducing violence involves finding mutually acceptable ways to resolve disagreements without resorting to destructive acts. These destructive acts of violence are inappropriate ways to deal with anger and do not aid in resolving the conflict. Students will be able to identify nonviolent ways to deal with their anger and disagreements.

Next week students will learn about the media and how they try to influence our decisions. They will be able to recognize media influence in presentations about tobacco, alcohol and other drug use that encourage or discourage drug use or violence.

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