Donna Schafer

Donna Schafer Name: Donna Schafer

Age: 62

Family: Husband, Jerry, daughters Mary Gemar, Cathy LaValliere, Cindy Solberg and sons Jon, Charlie; 12 grandchildren.

Occupation: Retired elementary teacher.

Education: B.S. — USD; masters in elementary education, USD.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, music, church, spectator sports, crafts.

Why are you running for election to the State Senate? Education is very important to me. I have taught in the Vermillion Public School system for over 25 years. I believe we need educators in the Senate to give educated input into the legislative process.

What kind of state senator would you be? I believe in listening to both sides of an issue before I come to any conclusions. District 17 will be my main priority and my door will always be open.

What are the biggest challenges facing South Dakota? Proper funding for education at all levels, developing incentives for young farmers, pursuing value-added farming, and construction and repair of roads.

If you could change something about South Dakota tomorrow, what would it be? Improve economic conditions for our farmers, schools and small businesses to name a few.

What is your number one goal, if elected? My goal is to be a representative of all the people in District 17 by working successfully with the majority party.

General comment: Every year the state legislators have an opportunity to better our standard of living in South Dakota. We need long and short term goals with a plan to implement them in the form of economic development, educational advancement, improved health opportunities, and more focus on social issues. I would like to be a team player in this process.

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