FSA Notes

FSA Notes The 18th Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) general sign-up will be held during a seven-week period from Oct. 26 through Dec. 11.

Eligible landowners/operators can sign-up at the Clay County Farm Service Agency (FSA) office between the above dates.

During the sign-up period, producers of eligible cropland and those with expiring CRP contracts may apply to participate in the CRP. Payment terms and cost-share assistance are determined by each contract.

Contract rental rates will be based on the average of the three dominant soil rental rates on the land offered. An additional $5 per acre will be given for maintenance (weed control). The contracts will be from 10 to 15 years.

CRP acreage that just expired or will expire on Sept. 30, 1999 may be offered for re-enrollment. If you're interested in re-enrolling your CRP field or if you are wanting to offer new land in to CRP, please stop in our office or the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office.

The Clay County Committee election for Local Administrative Area 3 will be held this year on Dec. 1. LAA 3 is made up of Norway, Prairie Center, Vermillion and Fairview Townships.

Eligible voters have the right to nominate candidate(s) of their choice by petition. Blank petitions may be obtained at the County Farm Service Agency Office.

Each petition submitted must be signed by the nominee and postmarked or delivered to the Clay County Farm Service Agency Office no later than Oct. 26.

Persons nominated should currently have an interest in a farm or ranch operation. A person is eligible to be a committee member if the person lives in the community in which that individual is eligible to vote.

We encourage women and/or minorities to become involved in the election process from nominating to voting. A list of eligible voters for this election is available at the County FSA Office.

Please notify the FSA Office if there are changes in your operation for crop year 1999. It is important to amend the contract so payments are issued to the correct producers.

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