H. Junior Engbrecht

H. Junior Engbrecht Name: H. Junior Engbrecht

Age: 69

Family: Wife, Nita.

Occupation: Real estate broker, retired farmer and insurance adjuster.

Education: High school.

Hobbies/Interests: Fishing.

Why are you running for election to the State House of Representatives? I have a very diverse background which includes: County commissioner for 16 years as well as serving as president of its state association for one term; insurance adjuster for 10 years; one full year as full-time lobbyist; member of the board of directors of the Tieszen Memorial Nursing Home for 35 years, and farming for over 35 years. Knowing my background, many individuals have asked me to seek this position. The bottom line is that I enjoy being involved in government, and I do believe that I can be an asset to District 17 and to the state of South Dakota.

What kind of state representative would you be? I care about people and their problems. I believe that I would be a strong voice for the common person. Fairness would be a very high priority, be it in taxation, the funding of education or any other legislation that may come before the S.D. House.

What are the biggest challenges facing South Dakota? Education, in general, but more specifically the funding of eduction and the repair and/or replacement of many deteriorating buildings on our high school and university campuses. Another very pressing problem is the current farm crisis. If the current farm prices continue we will see a drastic decline in our family farms which are the backbone of South Dakota. Without them our smaller schools and towns will cease to exist. Grain and livestock prices are determined by worldwide conditions, however, there are possibly ways to help the local markets by processing some of the farm products in-state and thus shipping a finished product. This would also create many good jobs. Low paying jobs keep many South Dakotans from enjoying a higher standard of living that is taken for granted elsewhere. Seven to ten dollars per hour does not support a family in this day and age much less educate children so that they can remain in South Dakota.

If you could change something about South Dakota tomorrow, what would it be? Increase wages and funding for all schools including universities; and ensure a more stable farm economy.

What is your number one goal, if elected? To be a legislator available to my constituents — someone they can talk to, someone who will do his best to find solutions for their problems.

General comment: Considering the diversity of the Legislative District 17, I sincerely believe that I have the experience to relate to that diversity and be an effective legislator.

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