Letters Daschle should demand resignation

To the Editor:

Following is a letter that I wrote and sent to Sen. Daschle. Please feel free to use it in your

newspaper. Please note that my views do not in any way represent the United States Marine Corps as an organization or any other way.

Ron Alcott

10114 Piney Branch

Spotsylvania, VA


Dear Senator Daschle,

I am writing this to express my complete and utter outrage about our president. I am a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and it sickens me to think that this man is in my chain of command. In my opinion it is time for him to resign. The White House continues its legalistic approach to cover what every American, no matter what they think of his "job performance" knows was a sexual relationship, no matter how you may define it in a court of law.

Not only the sex but his playing with the Jones lawyers and the grand jury is making a mockery of our judicial system. This is the exact type of "legal card shuffling" that lets murderers and rapists walk the streets. It is time that all of our elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans stand together and demand that our leaders act like grown men and women and not hormone-crazed teenagers.

Not long ago I saw an interview on television with Secretary of Defense Cohen. In this interview he was asked if the morale in the military is suffering because of the White House scandal. He answered in a way that I would only expect him to answer and that is by defending the president. He said that from what he had heard that morale was not suffering, that the American fighting people were professional and would continue to do their job honorably.

Well sir, I can tell you from an "in the trenches" person that

morale is taking a serious hit and that honor is being redefined to us by our leaders. One of the first things I learned as a Marine was to have integrity defined by Webster's as "the quality or state of being of sound moral, principle, uprightness, honesty, and sincerity." This is quality that is taught to us from day one. It is incumbent upon me as a sergeant and a leader to teach these qualities to my young Marines. However when these principles are not upheld by our highest leaders it is an uphill battle, one that I will continue to strive to accomplish, despite the actions of our commander in chief. Am I to lose this battle? I can only hope that the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice by dying in battle for the principles our country stands for did not die in vain.

I can only affect a small amount of people, but you and the rest of our leaders can join together to uphold our core values of honor, pride and integrity for this country. I only hope these words, instead of falling on the deaf ears of a Democrat trying to save another Democrat, will reach a respected United States Senator with the common sense and willingness to do the right thing.

Our country is in serious jeopardy when Americans start ignoring the moral leadership that our elected officials are responsible for. If the president really cared for the country instead of himself he would take the initiative and leave office to show people that it is wrong to break the law, play with the legal system and then get away scott free with no more than a slap on the wrist.

Not only what he is doing with the law is sickening but what he has turned our country into is also wrong. I can't believe the number of Americans that think that his action should go unpunished. It says a lot about where our country is heading. It's about time you and the rest of Congress take charge and try to turn this country around. Start by either demanding that he resign, or let's get on with the impeachment.

It's time Congress punishes him and since God is the only one that can give forgiveness, let God forgive him.


Sgt Ronald J Alcott

I am a resident of Hill City

dutifully serving my country at Headquarters, Marine Corps, in Washington D.C.

Hunhoff listens well

To the Editor:

Last week this column carried a letter which lauded Governor Janklow's actions during the Spencer tornado crisis including his total control over the unfortunates of our population by "emptying the prison at Springfield and the youths from Plankinton to help" and implying that the rest of us wouldn't have responded with aid without such an order or plea from our leader. (That was a lot of people under the responsibility of the state of South Dakota who were put at health's risk, and if they became ill, would have required lots of health care.) We read about how the tornado ravished Spencer and how Governor Janklow came to the rescue, and what was done to reclaim possessions taken by the storm � all based on conversation with one resident of Spencer.

All this and then the statement that Bernie Hunhoff, if elected governor, would not even help nor listen; what a sweeping statement! While I hope we never again have a tragedy comparable to the one in Spencer, I truly hope we have the opportunity to find out how Bernie Hunhoff would respond because in my conversations with him and reading about his concerns for us as citizens of South Dakota, and by thinking about the issues he has brought up in the papers, I know he listens and listens well. He has shown a deep commitment to honesty and integrity in all aspects of his public service and I have been shown no reason to think this same honesty and integrity and his wonderful commitment to the betterment of life for South Dakota citizens would not be part of his administration as governor of South Dakota.


Maxine Johnson

2111 North University Rd

Vermillion, SD

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