Letters II

Letters II Hunhoff concerned with state's future

To the Editor:

I wish to endorse Bernie Hunhoff for Governor of South Dakota. I believe he will act on the following issues with intelligence and compassion.

He will work for advances for higher incomes for many low paid South Dakotans and better opportunities for education, health, housing and employment for all South Dakotans.

He will have equal concern for farmers and ranchers with small operations as well as large operations.

With his legislative background, he can help with tourism, logging, and businesses of all sizes.

He has a running mate who will be in tune with the needs of our people rather than one who travels in other countries or is away often.

Perhaps Mr. Hunhoff will allow us to know how gambling funds are used in the state since money has not supplied what was promised.

As far as property taxes are concerned, property valuations have gone up so much, many are not aware of a tax cut.

Vote Hunhoff for progress in South Dakota.

Elaine S. Ketterling


A bully vs. a caring human being

To the Editor:

The election is fast approaching. I hope everyone has taken time to think about who should be our governor. I would like to share some of my observations.

I have been learning about our candidates for governor over the last few months. I have been listening and watching how they deal with people and how they lead. There are two distinct differences in their approaches. Gov. Janklow seems to believe in top down government and shoot from the hip problem solving. Bernie Hunhoff in contrast appears to manage using a team approach and looks at more diverse ways of problem solving.

Gov. Janklow reminds me of a school yard bully that I knew in elementary school. The bully would reign on the playground by words, threats, and hostile looks. When the teacher came around (in Gov. Janklow's case, the election) the bully proceeded to look helpful, caring and ingratiating, but avoided any of the issues about the playground conflict. I have made this observation by watching our governor over the years and visiting with people who have known and worked with him. Now as an adult I know why the playground bully acted the way he did. He had a low self esteem and a need to control. (I will let the readers draw their own comparisons.)

In contrast to the school yard bully we have Bernie Hunhoff running for governor. I have met and listened to Bernie several times plus visited with people who have known and worked with him. Bernie cares about South Dakota, is familiar with our needs, as indicated by the 18 page plan called "We Can Count on South Dakota," and has been involved in state politics for many years. Mostly though the reason I am voting for Bernie Hunhoff is that he is a caring human being who believes in human dignity and the worth of all individuals.

I love South Dakota, it is a state where people care about how others are treated. South Dakota people are intelligent and compassionate, but most of all the people of South Dakota have big hearts. We need to put the heart that represents the people of South Dakota back in the governor's seat. Please join me in voting for Bernie Hunhoff for governor.

Diane Nesselhuf


Support free enterprise, support Amendment E

To the Editor:

The South Dakota Livestock Auction Markets Association invites South Dakotans to support Constitutional Amendment E. We support Constitutional Amendment E because we support free enterprise.

Free enterprise requires open and competitive markets for all. Free enterprise means some succeed and others fail. Free enterprise means production efficiency and quality decide the victor.

Constitutional Amendment E promotes open and competitive markets. It will prevent corporations from using their quantity based marketing system.

The driving forces of profitability are prices received and costs of production. Studies show independent producers can raise quality hogs more efficient than corporations.

However, independent producers can't get a competitive price because they don't raise as many hogs. Quality and efficiency should decide who wins, not how many hogs are grown.

Multi-national corporations oppose mandatory price reporting because they want quantity based marketing. How would the New York Stock Exchange work without price transparency?

Nebraska has a law similar to Constitutional Amendment E. Nebraska's livestock industry is alive and well. Nebraskans voted for a free enterprise system that allows the independent producer to succeed or fail. They voted for open and competitive markets.

Our members live and breathe free enterprise. We support Constitutional Amendment E.

For those who think big is better. Consider the success of the Soviet Union.

Jack Frantz, President

SD Livestock Auction Markets Association

Vote for candidates you believe will serve

To the Editor:

I join many citizens in urging every registered voter on Nov. 3 to go to the polls and vote.

We are fortunate to have running for the South Dakota Legislature from this District 17 several qualified candidates. Vote for the candidate that you believe will best serve the needs and interests of this district.

It is the view of many that the needs and interests of this district can be best served if those needs and interests can be put into the legislative agenda when that agenda is first drafted at the majority caucus. Of those candidates for the South Dakota House of Representatives from Vermillion, only Judy Clark can be a part of the majority caucus that initially prepares that legislative agenda. She is energetic, knowledgeable in public affairs and has demonstrated her commitment to improve this community and the State of South Dakota.

Be assured, that if elected, the voice of Judy Clark will be heard for Vermillion and this district in the legislative halls in Pierre.


Walter D. Reed

Treasurer, Friends of Judy Clark

Amendment E offers protection

Dear Editor:

Remember when environmental "protection" officials approved the ridiculous scheme of extracting gold from imported sewage ash? California investors left with a couple million in their pockets; South Dakota had to use extra taxpayer's money for burying the waste.

Remember when the Department of Environment and Natural Resources got lawmakers to approve an environmental self-audit law, allowing corporations to avoid fines for pollution if they just notify DENR after polluting?

Remember when DENR helped persuade lawmakers to approve that outrageous imported garbage idea, the Lonetree Dump?

Clearly DENR and some lawmakers, with their track record of favoring corporations, don't always guard our environment or public interest. Thank heaven South Dakota's constitution offers extra protection � the right to the initiative.

Without laws initiated by direct citizen vote, we would today have lax mining laws in the Black Hills, daily trainloads of East Coast garbage and more nuclear waste.

Once again citizens must protect themselves where DENR and lawmakers have failed. Use your vote to prevent a repeat in South Dakota of what North Carolina has suffered � 70 percent loss of independent hog producers, polluted rivers and streams, need to boil drinking water, neighbor battling neighbor. Their governor, formerly a corporate hog supporter, has now called a moratorium. Their legislature is considering a proposal to replace all hog waste lagoons with containment tanks � at taxpayer expense!

The same companies that did this to North Carolina now want to come into South Dakota. Vote to save our independent farm system and our environment. Vote YES on Amendment E.


Dorothy Harnisch,


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