Reedy challenged by Schafer for Senate

Reedy challenged by Schafer for Senate Name: John J. Reedy

Age: 71

Family: Wife Beverly, three married children, two grandchildren.

Occupation: Retired from retail store Oct. 5, 1998. Insurance salesman.

Education: High school graduate.

Hobbies/Interests: Yard work.

Why are you running for election to the State Senate? I have been working in the hardware business for many years, resident of Clay County, South Dakota. This state is a great place to live and raise a family. I would like to continue to represent the constituents of Clay and Turner counties, District 17. I feel there are many things that need to be accomplished yet. I will work hard to continue to represent my constituents' concerns in Pierre.

What kind of state senator would you be? I believe I can represent constituents of District 17 in the best way possible. I will listen to their needs and work hard accomplishing any goals they set forth.

What are the biggest challenges facing South Dakota? We have a great education system in South Dakota. I would hope to be able to make it even better without raising taxes for constituents. Example — more money in education and less in prisons.

If you could change something about South Dakota tomorrow, what would it be? We need property tax relief without damaging our present education system or our quality of life.

What is your number one goal, if elected? Improve education, attract added value companies for our farmers and lower taxes.

General comment: A large percent of our agriculture products are shipped out of state to be processed. We need to have more processing plants in South Dakota. This would provide more employment and increase our tax base and keep many of our young people in South Dakota by increasing our wages.

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