Row crop harvest is now under way

Row crop harvest is now under way Nels Sorensen guides his combine through his cornfield Friday, and was happy to see that it didn't take long for his machine to have a full load of golden kernels. Harvest is going easier for Sorensen this year because of ideal weather conditions and his treating of his corn so that it wouldn't suffer much corn borer damage. "It's a real good crop," he said. Assisting him out in the field Friday was Bradley Swee and Grant Sorensen. by David Lias Nels Sorensen climbed out of his combine for just a short time Friday afternoon — just long enough to unload freshly harvested corn into a waiting wagon in his field southwest of Vermillion.

"It's a real good crop," he said of the golden stream of kernels that flowed from the spout of his combine. "We've got a good yield, and the moisture is around 20 to 21 percent."

Sorensen was especially happy with the condition of the corn plants in his field.

"The corn is standing very well," he said. "We've had very little corn borer damage."

That was a problem last year. Sorensen helped eliminate it this year by treating his corn for the borers.

Corn, soybeans and sunflower harvests are well ahead of the five-year average, according to the South Dakota Agricultural Statistics Service report released Monday.

According to the service, about 14 percent of corn had been harvested earlier this week for grain, ahead of the five-year average of 3 percent.

The soybean harvest was 21 percent complete at the beginning of the week, compared to 7 percent last year and the five-year average of 7 percent.

The sunflower harvest, as of early this week, was 19 percent complete, compared to 3 percent a year ago. Mature soybeans jumped to 77 percent up 22 points from last week.

Corn silage harvested is 87 percent complete, compared to the five-year average of 52 percent.

Soil conditions in the southwest part of the state improved thanks to early week precipitation, but conditions showed little to no improvement across the rest of South Dakota.

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