School Comments

School Comments Have you hugged your child today? Did you take the time to listen to your child when he/she came home from school? Did you play that game with your child when he/she asked you to do so?

If your answer is no to any or all of these questions, it is time to consider the amount of quality time you are spending with your child.

With the increased use of TV, VCR, stereos and video games in the home, families are spending less time together. It is not uncommon for a child to come home from school and play video games or watch cartoons until dinner time, then watch a TV program or two while eating, and end the evening viewing a VCR tape.

In many families, a child spends up to five hours a day in front of a television set with little interaction with parents or siblings. The electronic age has become the new baby sitter in the home.

It is important to spend quality time with your child. There are many activities that are enjoyable and can be of benefit to both you and your child.

Following are some examples of activities to be shared with a child.

* Read books to your child.

* Have your child read to you.

* Watch and discuss a TV program with your child.

* Play a game with your child.

* Visit the library and choose books together.

* Visit a museum with your child.

* Plan a picnic outing.

* See a ball game together.

* Take a short family vacation.

* Share a hobby together.

* Take time to talk.

* Go for a walk with your child.

There are endless activities to share with a child. It is important to take advantage of quality time with your child.

Take time out to enjoy your family.

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