Tosterud to serve as CRS visiting scholar

Tosterud to serve as CRS visiting scholar University of South Dakota economics Professor Robert Tosterud has been selected in a national competition as the visiting scholar for the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship in Washington, D.C.

Tosterud, the Freeman Chair for Entreprenurial Studies at USD, will serve in the prestigious role with the CRS from Oct. 1 to June 31.

"This is a great opportunity," said Tosterud, who has been at USD since 1991. "As a visiting scholar, I will look for ways to help bridge the gap between Congressional members and the academic research community. I am convinced we can learn from each other."

The program attracts individuals with backgrounds in economics, business, entrepreneurship, development and related fields to assist the Congress in assessing the effects of public policy on economic growth and entrepreneurship. Scholars selected for the program enhance the CRS's analytical and research capacity in the areas of economic growth, development, innovation, productivity, job creation, and/or specific economic sectors or industry, with special attention to the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activity in the economy and implications for public policy.

Tosterud will work with the CRS staff, a group of 750 people ranging from reference librarians to scholars. CRS, a department of the Library of Congress and part of the legislative branch, works exclusively and directly with members and committees of Congress in support of legislative, oversight and representative functions.

During his term with the CRS, Tosterud will work on a number of projects including a review and synthesis of perspectives on the role of federal policy on entrepreneurship and innovation.

According to Tosterud, the last 25 years has been an age of an entrepreneurial revolution as it rivals the economic and social impact of the last century's "industrial revolution."

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