Voter’s guides available before Nov. 3 election

Voter's guides available before Nov. 3 election The South Dakota Family Policy council has released its 1998 South Dakota Voter's Guide.

The non-partisan guide lists positions taken by candidates for the State Legislature, U.S. House, U.S. Senate and Governor. The Voter's Guide also includes summaries of ballot initiatives, biographical facts on all Constitutional officer candidates and other important voting information.

The 1998 South Dakota's Voter's Guide is the most comprehensive booklet of election information available to the public of South Dakota. With over 200,000 printed, it is also the largest distribution of non-partisan election information in the state.

Voter's guides will be distributed in churches, businesses, and civic clubs � as well as through mailings, newspaper inserts and door-to-door distribution. The guide is free to the public and is available by calling the Council at (605) 335-8100.

The South Dakota Family Policy Council is a non-profit, research and education organization dedicated to strengthening the family.

For more information or interviews, call the Council at (605) 335-8100.

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