DARE REPORT In the previous lesson, students learned about why it is important to have good decision making skills. Students went through the process and learned that good decisions bring positive consequences.

This week students talked about positive alternative activities that are interesting and rewarding alternatives to drug use. Students learned that they are less likely to become involved with alcohol or drugs if they are involved in positive alternative activities.

Students also learned that there are certain social feelings that need to be fulfilled through relationships with other people in order to help them develop self-esteem. By having positive alternatives, it allows the students to gain these social needs. A sense of belonging, being cared about and having others care about us, and the need to be noticed for the things you do are needs that all of us want met.

Next week students will have the opportunity to talk with high school student leaders who do not use drugs. These students serve as positive role models in influencing younger students not to use drugs.

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