DARE Report

DARE Report In the previous lesson, students learned how the media can influence the choices that they make. Students learned that there are two types of media messages: commercials and public service announcements. Students also learned about several media methods used to sell products.

This week's lesson is about "making decisions about risky behaviors." Decision making skills help people evaluate the risks involved in a situation, the choices available to them, and the consequences of these choices.

The students will go through a decision making process and will be given examples. Since life is so full of uncertainties, it is important for the students to exert control over their own decisions. Most of the time it is easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of it.

Next week students will learn about activities that they find interesting and rewarding alternatives to drug use. They learn that there are social feelings: being cared for, being recognized, and belonging that need to be fulfilled through relationships with other people to develop self-esteem.

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