DARE Report

DARE Report Last week students learned about how to resolve a disagreement without violence. Students learned that a disagreement is a natural and normal part of life.

Learning to deal with and settle disagreements in a nondestructive and assertive manner is necessary for reducing acts of violence. Students learn in several appropriate ways to deal with a disagreement.

This week's lesson is about combating media influences on drug use and violence. Students learn that there are two kinds of media messages: public service announcements, which are used to inform the public about health and safety issues, and commercials, used by advertisers to sell their products or services.

Students also learned that there are several advertising techniques used to by the advertisers to "sell" their products.

Next week students will talk about making decisions about risky behavior. They will learn that good decisions are important especially for situations that involve risks or taking risks.

They will learn that in decision making you have to examine the consequences of taking a risk and decide whether or not to take the risk.

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