Host families for students are needed

Host families for students are needed As the holidays are coming, Pacific Intercultural Exchange (PIE) is looking for host families for International Students for the second semester of high school. Local representatives would like the students to all have, as early as possible, their Christmas present, an American host family that they can write, e-mail or call.

These students will be coming to Vermillion and surrounding areas the middle of January 1999 and staying until June.

PIE is a non-profit, education, government sponsored organization. The students are 15 to 18 years of age. They bring their own spending money and have full medical insurance.

The family is responsible for love, board and room. The students are anxious to share their cultural experiences with their new American families.

The second semester students files are in now. If you are interested in a 1999-2000 school year student, the student files will be coming in January 1999. PIE representatives match students with host families by finding common interests and lifestyles through an informal in-home meeting. Prospective host families are able to review student applications and select the "perfect match."

There are no "typical" host families. PIE can fit a student into just about any type of family situation, whether it be a single parent, childless couple, empty-nester, retired couple or large family.

PIE has students from Spain, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Ghana, Yugoslavia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Turkey, China, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, as well as other countries.

PIE has sponsored more than 18,000 students from 35 countries since its founding in 1975. PIE also sends American students to other countries in the outbound program.

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