Kevin C. Pons attends professional seminars

Kevin C. Pons attends professional seminars Kevin C. Pons, clinical audiologist at the Yankton Medical Clinic, recently attended three post-graduate professional development seminars.

On Aug. 22, Pons participated in Audiology Consultant's Amplification Update: 1998. The seminar discussed current and future developments of hearing instrument technology.

On Oct. 22, Pons attended the South Dakota Academy of Audiology's videoconference on FM Technology and hearing aids. The conference provided current features of FM transmission and hearing aid amplification. The technology is particularly beneficial for infants and children in need of hearing instruments for speech and language development. This technology minimizes the interference of background noise and distance on hearing aid amplification and thereby clarifies the speech sounds.

On Nov. 7, Pons attended the Mayo Clinic's Ninth Annual Audiology Videoconference held at the Royal C. Johnson Veterans Hospital in Sioux Falls. The videoconference discussed cochlear and implantable hearing aids, otoacoustic emissions, auditory evoked potentials and the management of individuals with tinnitus. The videoconference was held at Mayo Clinic and broadcast to regional sites throughout the United States.

Pon's audiology practice is located within the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at the Yankton Medical Clinic. Outreach services are provided to Lynch, NE, Vermillion and Freeman.

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