Lady Tanagers squeak out win

Lady Tanagers squeak out win Both Elk Point-Jefferson and Vermillion advanced to the final round of the 8A district as they both won on Tuesday night.

The Elk Point-Jefferson Huskies dominated the Alcester-Hudson Cubs and won 82-32 in the first match up. Stephanie Limoges scored 21 points for the Huskies. Alissa Hallard also had 13 points and Nina Rozell put up 11. Limoges was tied for the lead in rebounds with seven, along with Nicole Klasey.

Alcester-Hudson was led by Rebecca Schrew with 11 points.

The second match up was much more competitive as the Vermillion Tanagers squeaked out a win over the Dakota Valley Panthers 51-49.

Vermillion held the lead at the half by three, but allowed the Panthers back into the game and they took the lead at the end of the third quarter. Vermillion regained the lead and won the game, as the Panthers missed a half court shot at the buzzer to lose by two.

Amanda Iverson led the Tanagers will 23 points. Jaclyn Powell also put up 11 points for the team. Iverson also had 12 rebounds.

The Panthers were led by Jamie Strong who put in 24 points. Sarah Harms and Bessie Olsen each had eight rebounds for the team.

Elk Point, Jefferson and Vermillion played at Elk Point on Thursday.

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