Letters Time to honor health info managers

To the Editor:

Nov. 1 through 7, which is National Health Information Management Week, is the time to acknowledge the significant contribution of health information managers. These skilled professionals serve a vital function in the health care system � by maintaining the quality and integrity of patient data.

In a rapidly changing healthcare system, health information managers are advancing processes in patient care reimbursement, research and planning. As we approach a new century, these professionals are leading the transition from paper � to computer-based records and setting the standards to safeguarding patient information.

Health information management professional are found in a variety of healthcare facilities and organizations, including hospitals, clinics and medical offices, nursing facilities, insurance companies, and government agencies, for example. This is an exciting, growing field of employment.

The healthcare information specialist position was listed in the 1997 Annual Career Guide from U.S. News and World Report as one of the Best Jobs for the Future, with the need for staffers in this area predicted to exceed supply by 56 percent by the year 2000.

The education and training health information managers includes classes in business, computer technology, and sciences, as well as health information management. Dakota State University in Madison, SD is a leader in offering educational opportunities for those interested in the health information management profession.

As we celebrate National Health Information Management Week, we invite everyone to find out more by visiting the Internet homepages for the American Health Information Management Association (www.ahima.org) or Dakota State University (www.dsu.edu) or by contacting Dakota State University at 1-888-DSU-9988.

Dorine Bennett, RRA


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