Board of Regents agrees to work with Sioux Falls schools

Board of Regents agrees to work with Sioux Falls schools The Board of Regents took a major step in bringing quality public higher education to South Dakota's largest city by approving an agreement with the Sioux Falls School Board to share a single building to be constructed at the site of Southeast Technical Institute. The Board of Regents, in its regular business meeting on the campus of Northern State University, approved an eleven-point agreement governing academic programs offered by the Regents through the Center for Public Higher Education (CPHE) and those offered by Southeast Technical Institute (SETI).

"The Regents believe that the most convenient place to build a permanent home for the center for Public Higher Education is near Southeast Technical Institute," said Regents President James O. Hansen. "Because the Legislature asked the Regents and the State Board of Education to develop a plan to transfer credits between the universities and the technical institutes, we have other issues to resolve before we could get on with making arrangements to locate the Center at Southeast. This agreement with the Sioux Falls School Board reflects the arrangements made between the Regents and the Board of Education."

"The agreement approved today is an effort in collaboration to serve the people of Sioux Falls, both in facilities and academic programs," added Regents Executive Director Robert T. Tad Perry. The universities delivering instruction through the Center are Dakota State University, South Dakota State University, and The University of South Dakota.

"One of the most important aspects of this agreement is that the Sioux Falls School Board and the Board of Regents will begin to explore ways to share public resources. The state's largest city needs affordable public higher education in an appropriate facility. This arrangement will be the most advantageous for students because public higher education will be in one location," said Perry. "When Sioux Falls School Board approves the agreement, a joint committee composed of Regents and Sioux Falls board members will be formed to review workforce needs and future associate degrees to be offered in Sioux Falls. This will also be advantageous to the business community which has needs for an educated workforce."

Regents Vice President Harvey C. Jewett, IV, saying that there is a critical need in the state's largest market, moved for adoption of the agreement. The proposed agreement will become final when the Sioux Falls School Board approves it. The School Board is expected to take action later this month.

The Regents were given authority by the South Dakota Legislature to lease a facility in the Sioux Falls area for approximately $400,000 annually. The facility under discussion is expected to house both regental programs and those offered by SETI.

For more information contact; Robert T. Tad Perry, Board of Regents, (605) 773-3455.

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