Job searching more convenient with One-Stop Career Center in Vermillion

Job searching more convenient with One-Stop Career Center in Vermillion by M. Jill Sundstrom Looking for employment is often a frustrating experience, but Job Service of South Dakota is working to alleviate the hassles associated with job hunting.

Vermillion�s Job Service office is now a One-Stop Career Center, �offering five agencies in one convenient location,� said Manager Ralph Johnson.

The services are:

? Job Service Referrals to Jobs

Employers are urged to utilize Job Service �because through federal and state taxes, they�re paying for a service that they don�t often use,� Johnson said.

One-Stop services for employers include recruitment and pre-screening of qualified applicants, providing job and industry growth trends and forecasts, wage data and compliance information on federal legislation.

Job training and testing services are available to veterans, youth who have quit school and dislocated workers who have lost their jobs through �downsizing� or business closings.

Unemployment and welfare to work services can also be found at Job Services.

? Job Link

This Career Learning Center helps job hunters by providing testing, assessments and job search skills. Individuals can receive training to update their skills for work or prepare for the G.E.D.

? Green Thumb Program

Workers who are over 55 years of age can update their skills and find employment through this program.

? Vocational Rehabilitation

By appointment with specialists, workers can return to the job market after an injury or sickness with rehabilitation services offered.

? Career Concepts

Individuals with disabilities can come to Job Service to find jobs that match their skills.

In addition to the above services, Job Service offers a complete referral service to literacy assistance, as well as alcohol and drug treatment services.

Individuals who seek employment can also check out job openings that are listed at Job Service, or utilize Internet access to job information ? on a local level or worldwide.

The advantages of One-Stop Career Centers include bringing together under one roof an array of employment and training programs and turn them into an integrated service delivery system for its customers ? job seekers and employers.

�Workers need work and business owners need employees,� Johnson said. �The bottom line is that it�s our job to help people get jobs and to help employers get people to work.�

The Job Service Office in Vermillion serves Clay and Union counties.

�This is a very important area, the I-29 corridor,� Johnson said. �In the past, southeastern South Dakota has been remote from major employers. But the coming of Gateway and IBP headquarters helped change that. We are now a major employment crossroads.�

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