Letters Civic Council expresses thanks

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Vermillion and the surrounding area for the contributions they have donated to the Civic Council this past year.

The results always show when we are able to give back to the community in one way or another.

One of the ways we donate to the state is by paying state sales tax. This is why we charge sales tax even though we are a non-profit organization.

One major way we donate to the community is by hiring six full-time employees and six part-time employees.

Another way we donate to the community is by providing the city lounge.

Yet another way is by requests for needs that are too numerous to mention, but include the W. H. Over Museum, and the Senior Citizens.

So with your donations to us of quality merchandise, you have also donated to these needs.

I would also like to thank anyone who donated Christmas decorations this past year. We have had so many compliments on how our windows are decorated, that I need to say, we have not got thousands of dollars tied up in decorations, we have used just what was donated to us, after all that is what the store is all about, recycling. You may have gone by and seen how "you, the community," have decorated the store and it is beautiful. Thank you.

Roxan Brown, Manager

Civic Council


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