Letters Thankful for quick actions

To the editor:

I want to express our heartfelt thanks to Grant Sammelson for ringing the doorbell to wake us up at 2:30 a.m. the morning after Thanksgiving when the garage was on fire and to the city police and fire department for their quick actions in extinguishing the fire. You probably saved our lives, definitely our houses.

When I looked out and saw those huge flames just outside my kitchen window, I thought that both of our houses were on fire. I saw a softball size ball of fire burning the insulation on the electric lines in a line about three feet long headed toward the house, and I felt sure that we would not have electricity much longer. To find shoes and clothes in the dark seemed what I would be doing.

I had not previously realized how quickly a fire can go.

I heard the explosions (probably from the tires on the cars). It was all so scary! I got my family and guests up and out of the house in a couple of minutes. When we walked out of our house, I felt sure we would not see anything in the house again, but I was so thankful we were able to get out. Grant, policemen, and firemen, we are all very thankful for your quick actions!

Billie James


Campaign waged with positive message

To the editor:

It is very difficult to tell all the 106,887 voters how much I appreciated their support. Since I didn't have an opportunity to make a statement after the election, I wanted all of you to know that I enjoyed the campaign and visiting your counties and communities. I felt I waged a credible, positive campaign that tried to give you a choice for the office of School and Public Lands.

During the campaign, I found very few who had an understanding of the responsibilities of this office.

The media afforded little opportunity to contrast the candidates for the constitutional offices. I did not send a lot of press releases with misleading and false information about my opponent, nor did my supporters send a letter asking for money which included lies and innuendos.

Instead, at every opportunity, I told voters of my desire to make this office one of higher visibility. I tried to make them understand that the permanent fund is a sacred trust given to us by our forefathers and how that fund could be grown by saving 10 percent each year and even replace some of the burden from property tax.

It was a good year for incumbents. I felt that the final two weeks were the turning point in my race. The truth is "what you want to hear" and an implied TV message probably decided the race. A press conference in Sioux Falls was ignored by the media when I tried to give "the rest of the story."

Despite this, we feel good that our campaign was waged with a positive message, and our sincere appreciation to the voters who know me and supported me.

Marie Ingalls

Mud Butte

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