SDPTV presents Winterfest

SDPTV presents Winterfest Winterfest '98 is coming Dec. 5-13 on South Dakota Public Television.

SDPTV kicks off Winterfest on Dec. 5 with everything ranging from Dr. Laura to Red Green, with Songs of Inspiration and Acoustic Christmas in between. The premier of A South Dakota Acoustic Christmas features the popular South Dakota musicians in a holiday special produced by SDPTV that is sure to become a classic. Next, on Dec. 6, SDPTV goes from Bob Hope to Lawrence Welk and from John Denver's mountaintops in a Nature special to Broadway's Cats.

On Dec. 7 Burt Bacharach and Bobby Darin are on screen and Red Green is back. Dec. 8 takes viewers from kid stuff — a Sesame Street special — to a special The Sports Fan party to John Fogerty's music.

On Dec. 9, Christmas is special with the Teletubbies. Then two veterans of the pop music revolution, James Taylor and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, take the stand. On Dec. 10, Winterfest hitches a ride with Skitch and takes a look at Patti Page, then and now, before watching as Monica Mancini revives her father's romantic music.

Dec. 12 starts out with finances with Suze Orman, but quickly moves on to Christmas specials, including holiday episodes of viewers' favorite British comedies. SDPTV closes the evening by soaring back to the Rockies with the Nature special featuring the songs of the late John Denver.

The Winterfest wraps up with a cozy quilt of memorable melodies — The Carpenters, Burt Bacharach, and Peter, Paul & Mary — plus viewers' favorites from the whole festival.

A special feature this year will be the auction of a framed, limited-edition, signed and numbered print by Black Hills watercolors master Jon Crane. The print of No Sunday Fishing, just released this November, measures 48"x19" and features a peaceful farm scene. Viewers can bid during Winterfest by calling 1 (800) 777-0789 from Dec. 5 to 13. The final bid will be taken the evening of Sunday, Dec. 13.

Viewers' contributions, in large part, pay for the programs featured on South Dakota Public Television. Viewers may contribute by calling 1 (800) 777-0789 during the festival programs. Or viewers can go to the South Dakota Public Broadcasting web site ( and click on the "Your Support" button to make a pledge.

Winterfest '98

Saturday, Dec. 5

* Dr. Laura Schlessinger: The Ten Commandments, What's in it for Me? 5 p.m. CT/4 MT

* Frank Patterson — Songs of Inspiration 6:30 p.m. CT/5:30 MT

* A South Dakota Acoustic Christmas 8 p.m. CT/7 MT

* It's a Wonderful Red Green Christmas 10 p.m. CT/9 MT

Sunday, Dec. 6

* Bob Hope: Hollywood's Brightest Star 3 p.m. CT/2 MT

* A Lawrence Welk Family Christmas 4:30 p.m. CT/3:30 MT

* Nature: John Denver — Let This Be A Voice 6:30 p.m. CT/5:30 MT

* Great performances "Cats" 8p.m. CT/7 MT

Monday, Dec. 7

* Burt Bacharach — One Amazing Night 7 p.m. CT/6 MT

* Bobby Darin: Beyond the Songs 8:30 p.m. CT/7:30 MT

* It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas 10 p.m. CT/ 9 MT

Tuesday, Dec. 8


* The Sports Fan 8 p.m. CT/7 MT

* John Fogerty: An "In the Spotlight" Special 9 p.m. CT/8 MT

Wednesday, Dec. 9

* Teletubbies (Christmas episodes) 7 p.m. CT/6MT

* James Taylor Live 8:30 p.m. CT/7:30 MT

* Brian Wilson: Imagination 10:30 p.m. CT/9:30 MT

Thursday, Dec. 10

* Skitch Henderson At 80 7 p.m. CT/6 MT

* Miss Patti Page: The Singing Rage 9 p.m. CT/8 MT

* Monica Mancini ? On Record 10:30 p.m. CT/9:30 MT

Saturday, Dec. 12

* The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom with Suze Orman 3 p.m. CT/ 2 MT

* A South Dakota Acoustic Christmas 4:30 p.m. CT/3:30 MT

* Merry Christmas, George Bailey 6:30 p.m. CT/5:30 MT

* British Comedy Festival (holiday episodes of "Keeping up Appearances," "Waiting for God," and "Are You Being Served?") 8 p.m. CT/7 MT

* Nature: John Denver — Let This Be a Voice 10 p.m. CT/9 MT

Sunday, Dec. 13

* Close to You: Remembering the Carpenters 3 p.m. CT/2 MT

* Burt Bacharach: One Amazing Night 4:30 p.m. CT/3:30 MT

* Peter, Paul & Mary Holiday Concert 6 p.m. CT/5 MT

* Best of FEST, with viewer favorites from Winterfest 8 p.m. CT/7 MT

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