SESDAC working for taxi service

SESDAC working for taxi service SESDAC is working hard to bring convenient taxi service to everyone in Vermillion � not just senior citizens.

To acquaint people with the services, Christmas booklets of 5 and 10 ride tickets are available as small Christmas gifts to any neighbors and friends you know who may not have a car available at all times. The telephone number is printed on the tickets and they can pick up the phone and have Johnny taken to soccer practice, or Susie picked up after school to go to a music lesson, or Mary to visit a sick friend, or Joe to physical therapy, or Jim to the drugstore to get that prescription filled, or Jane to go to church circle when her sick neighbor can't take her as usual.

Anyone who would like to give someone transportation when needed can get the Christmas coupon books by calling 624-3076 or S.E. Transit at 624-4978.

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