Tanagers fall to South Sioux City

Tanagers fall to South Sioux City by David Lias South Sioux City survived 34 points by Vermillion's Doug Hanson to defeat the Tanagers 85-77 Dec. 18.

The two teams scored at virtually a neck-to-neck pace throughout most of the game. At the end of the first quarter, South Sioux City was leading 19-15.

The Tanagers overcame that lead in the second quarter, and seemed to be soundly defeating their opponent for a time. But South Sioux City regrouped near the end of the first half, and the halftime score was 35-35 tie.

Scoring continued at an even rate in the third quarter, with the Tanagers down by only one point, 55-56, at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

South Sioux City began to take control in the fourth quarter, however, and soon outpaced the Tanagers in scoring.

Tommy Flynn led South Sioux City with 23 points. Tim Hornbeck added 17 points, and Billy McIntosh scored 15 points and pulled in 14 rebounds.

Tim Gesell added 11 points and Drew Wagner netted 10 counters.

Beau Blouin added 20 points for the Tanagers as Hanson led with eight rebounds.

Vermillion won the B game 58-55.

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