USD grad named to PUC position

USD grad named to PUC position The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission has named one of its employees, Jeff Lorensen, as its new Transportation/Warehouse Director. Jeff assumed his new position in November, succeeding Ed Anderson, who took a position with Dakota Mill and Grain in Rapid City.

Jeff grew up in southeast South Dakota and attended The University of South Dakota in Vermillion. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis on accounting in 1993. After graduation Jeff moved to Pierre with his wife, Julie, who works for the South Dakota Department of Revenue.

Jeff has been with the Public Utilities Commission since May 1996. Since that time he has worked as a Grain Warehouse Inspector in the Transportation/Warehouse division where he has been responsible for inspecting various grain elevators throughout the state and analyzing financial statements of grain elevators.

The Transportation/Warehouse Division is responsible for ensuring the continuation of viable grain markets for South Dakota producers through a comprehensive licensing and inspection program. The Division licenses 373 grain dealers and warehouses and inspects 293 grain warehouse facilities. It is also responsible for the regulation of interstate exempt carriers. There are approximately 3000 exempt carriers registered in the state and they haul such non-processed commodities as livestock and grain. Additionally, it administers the Single State Registration System (SSRS) for Federal Highway Authority carriers. There are approximately 1000 of these carriers in SD.

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