City council approves payroll resolution

City council approves payroll resolution by David Lias Vermillion city employees who head the various departments of the municipality draw top wages of all city workers, according to a payroll resolution passed Jan. 4 by the Vermillion City Council.

Workers whose talents are more on the mechanical or clerical side may not make as much as the people who manage them, but the city council passed wage increases for all employees with practically no fanfare earlier this month.

The men and women who work for Vermillion in some cases received significantly smaller pay raises than some Clay County employees (see related story).

But in almost all instances, city employees, especially department heads, are better paid. And those who staff various municipal positions have something working for them that county employees do not � labor unions.

The city pay raises are due, in part, to collective bargaining agreements for 1999 made with two unions.

An agreement with AFSCME Local 1052 brought a 2.7 percent increase in base wages for the workers it represents.

The city also negotiated with the General Drivers & Helpers Local 749 (Teamsters) for a 2.5 percent base wage increase for its members.

And the city council agreed to increase base wages for management, professional and non-union employees by 2.7 percent for 1999.

City Manager Jeff Pederson will receive just under $65,300 in 1999. His assistant, Matthew Adamski, will be paid approximately $26,810 this year.

Finance Officer Michael Carlson's pay is $55,458, and City Accountant Linda Wensel is paid $13.72 per hour.

In the municipal garage, mechanic Dean Hansen will be paid $30,836 this year. Assistant Mechanic Ernie Halverson earns $12.38 per hour.

City Engineer William Welk's annual pay is $53,917.50. Harold Holoch, the city's utilities engineer, will make $54,174.25 in 1999.

Police Chief Bruce Plate's annual 1999 pay will be $41,901.11. Assistant Police Chief Kim Callahan will make $16.73 per hour.

David Behrman, records clerk II-2, will receive $10.90 per hour. The hourly pay of Ray Hofman and Larry Gray, two police detectives, is $15.18 and $14.80 respectively.

Police Sergeant Dennis Duin is paid $14.50 per hour and patrol sergeants Lowell Oswald and David Thiesse are paid hourly wages of $14.15 each.

Daniel Drapeaux and Michael Joffer, two corporals on the department, receive $13.08 and $13.41 per hour respectively.

Telecommunications Director Karen Olson will earn $29,463.73. The city will pay Fire Chief Doug Brunick $32,058.42. Ambulance Director Bill Petracek will receive $30,493.03 in 1999.

Street Superintendent Rollie Isaacson's yearly pay will be $38,856.09. Phyllis Packard, Vermillion's solid waste director, will be paid $34,781.78.

Dave Nelson, the director of the city parks/recreation and golf department, will earn $43,252.06.

Mike Hays, superintendent of the Electric Transmission and Distribution Department, will receive an annual stipend of $45,482.21.

Vern Hasenbank, superintendent of the city water department, will receive $39,006.20 in 1999.

Paul Brunick, superintendent of the wastewater treatment department, will receive $39,113.42 this year.

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