John Weber retires after 35 years with post office

John Weber retires after 35 years with post office by M. Jill Sundstrom It�s a a thankless job, but somebody has to do it. John Weber, however, is ready to let someone else take over.

After 19 years as postmaster at the Vermillion Post Office, Weber retires today, marking a total of 35 years with the U.S. Postal Service.

Starting as a clerk in Sioux Falls, Weber worked his way up to a supervisor position, following the lead of a �good mentor,� he said. �He told me to get to know every part of the job.�

Learning how each piece of the postal puzzle works has been the secret to Weber�s success. But he didn�t keep the knowledge to himself. Part of his job has included giving seminars to postmasters around the region on the intricacies of mail delivery.

�Postmasters need to know information in manual upon manual ? administrative support, facilities management, customer resources, domestic mail ? the whole gamut. It can be overwhelming,� Weber said.

But he never let it intimidate him and he enjoyed sharing what he�d learned with others in the profession.

�The more we learned, the more we could do for our customers,� Weber said. �People are very sensitive about their mail, and although there are some things we can�t control, the key is to do the best we can to make sure every letter and package gets to its destination.�

Weber came to Vermillion in 1982. Since then, he has been instrumental in working with SESDAC�s mailing program and he has watched the community�s mail routes increase.

�There are more mail routes now and we�ve gone from processing 65,000 pieces of mail daily to 140,000,� he said.

Over the years, Weber has learned that respect ? for fellow employees and customers ? is one of the best ways to handle the job.

�People work better if you treat them with respect,� he said.

Weber will leave the post office with mixed emotions, but it�s time, he said.

�I will miss the daily interaction with people,� he said. �But I�ve run out of ideas. It�s time for someone else to come in and look at everything in a new light.�

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