Letters Reader asks about capital credits

Dear Clay-Union Electric Members,

This is a great time for the Clay-Union Board of Directors to start giving back to the members their capital credits.

I have checked with all the adjacent electric co-ops including Union Electric, Lincoln-Union, B-Y Electric, and Turner-Hutch. They have made capital credit payments back to their members in the year 1998 and before.

Something has got to be done. To my knowledge there has not been one check paid back to a living member since 1985.

Another letter may follow.


Delmar J. Lynch

Past Director


Legislator asks for public input

To the editor:

Elections are over, but the voice of the electorate still needs to be heard on many issues. As I represent you in the Legislature, I will need your input if I am to vote the wishes of the majority of the people in the district. It would be very much appreciated if you would call me when you have a genuine concern on a particular bill before the House. Please call the House Lobby (605-773-3851), leave a message with the page along with your name and phone number, and I will return the call as soon as possible. If you have an opportunity to come to Pierre during the session, please contact me if you have the time. I will enjoy visiting with you about the issues at hand. If you wish to call me on weekends, my home phone number is 605-684-3635.

Wishing you the best in 1999,

H. Junior Engbrecht


District 17, Marion

Blood donors give lifesaving gift

To the editor,

Most people think the only time someone would need blood is if they were in an accident, and that only happens to adults. Well, I am here to tell you otherwise.

Accident victims are only part of the total number of patients needing blood on a daily basis. Patients undergoing surgery, people receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer, and other diseases � all desperately need blood to survive. The use of blood for cancer treatment is one of the fastest growing areas in blood usage.

Without volunteer blood donors, critically ill patients wouldn't have what they need to get well. Without volunteer blood donors, The Siouxland Community Blood Bank would not be a dependable source of safe blood, ready when it is needed. The contribution of volunteer blood donors cannot be overestimated.

This spring we will formally recognize 69 donors that have achieved donation milestones of 10, 15, and 20 gallons. This means that each individual has stopped by our centers or one of our mobile locations 80, 120, and 160 times respectively. But the greater meaning of this is that these individuals have touched the lives of thousands of individuals in Siouxland and surrounding communities.

Because people care enough about the "what ifs" of life, they volunteer to donate blood.

What if your Blood Bank was not here? What if the Blood Bank was out of the blood type your relative needed? What if this relative needed blood to make it through the night or another day?

January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. Think about your "what ifs." "What if" you could make a difference in someone's life? "What if" you took the time to donate? "What if" you encouraged someone else to become a new donor?

There are no "what ifs" when it comes to our many dedicated donors. I would like to say "thank you" to each and every one. For myself, as well as the thousands of patients who received their lifesaving gift. No "What ifs," you all mean the world to me.

Don Schuldt

Executive Director

Siouxland Community Blood Bank

Sioux City, IA

Student seeks South Dakota items

To the editor,

Each member in my fifth-grade class is working on a project called "Parade of States." We are responsible for gathering as much information as we can to help "sell" the state. The project is due in the beginning of May 1999.

I have chosen your state, South Dakota, for my presentation. If any of your readers would help me out by sending pictures, postcards, a used license plate, facts, products, etc. from your state, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please send them to: Keri Jorgenson, Foothills Elementary, c/o Mrs. Schauers, 10621 234th Ave. E., Buckley, WA 98321.

Thank you.


Keri Jorgenson

Token collector seeks help

To the editor,

I am a lover of history and I have a somewhat unusual hobby. I collect old tokens used by stores, barber shops, pool halls, bakeries, saloons, forts and other businesses years ago. The

tokens were "good for" 5�, 10�, 12.5� or such in trade or merchandise or "good for" a loaf of bread, one drink, one shave, one ride or whatever. They were usually made of metal, and while having the general appearance of a coin, they were made in all shapes and sizes.

I know that this request is relatively unimportant, but as our elderly pass away and the younger members of the family inherit their possessions, tokens and other items are considered junk and thrown out. I do get a great deal of enjoyment from my hobby and I do believe that these concrete reminders of our great heritage are worth preserving.

I have reason to believe that some of these tokens were used in your area and I would be most interested in obtaining some of them for my collection.

I would like to hear from anyone having one or more of these tokens or from anyone that might me able to help me. Any help that you can give me of any kind is greatly appreciated. My address is Travis Roberts, Box 1168, Bellaire, Texas 77402.

Thank you kindly in advance and best wishes.

Travis Roberts

Box 1168

Bellaire, TX

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