Loan deficiency payments

Loan deficiency payments Now that harvest is completed, there are a couple of LDP rules to remember.

The Field Direct Loan Deficiency Payment Agreement (form number CCC-709) that almost everyone completed covered grain harvested and hauled directly to a warehouse or buyer. Payment under this provision was figured based on day of delivery.

Any LDP requests for grain that was stored must be covered by a CCC-666 to be eligible for payment. This request can generally be done anytime before the grain is sold.

Payment under this provision is figured based on the date of request. If you have 1998 grain stored in a bin, please contact the office before you sell the grain � to keep yourself eligible for any possible benefits. The deadline for 1998 crop loans and LDPs is May 31.

Production evidence is required for each LDP or Market Loan Repayment. If you are feeding grain from your bins, our office must measure the grain before you feed or the amount of grain fed will be ineligible for an LDP.

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