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School Comments By Marianne Upsward What is service learning? Isn't this what our school activities and clubs are already doing? Don't these clubs and activities perform a service to our school and community?

At Vermillion High School, our activities and clubs do perform a service but our activities and clubs are placing a new emphasis on civic responsibility. There is a higher level of responsibility, one that will provide for integration of learning, magnify the service experience and provide a broad range of objectives to meet the learning styles and needs of students.

Do our student activities and clubs have a role in a school setting and on our educational experience? According to Breaking Ranks: Changing An American Institution, "They undergrid the goal of teaching students to be responsible and fulfilled human beings, providing them with opportunities that develop character, critical thinking, socialability and specific skills."

We at Vermillion High School believe that student activities and clubs are linked to educational programming. These activities and clubs allow students to take what they have learned from the classroom setting and apply it to experiences that are real for them.

When students are involved in student activities such as Student Council, National Honor Society, Art Club, Drama Club or the Renaissance Board, they have the opportunity to strengthen the link between learning projects and curricular objectives. This is an example of another avenue that allows our students to learn by taking an active role in organized experiences that can help meet actual school and community needs.

Student activities are an integral part of the development of the whole individual. Students at Vermillion High School are encouraged to take part in as many activities as possible. These activities will continue to provide a setting that will help our students develop into proactive and problem solving adults.

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