South Dakota Kids Count Project releases factbook

South Dakota Kids Count Project releases factbook A comprehensive report on South Dakota's children has just been released by the South Dakota KIDS COUNT Project, located in the Business Research Bureau at The University of South Dakota School of Business.

The South Dakota Kids Count Factbook, first published in 1993, contains state and county-based data, which is used to develop an accurate picture of the condition of South Dakota's children. It provides multi-year, statewide overviews in sections on demographics, health, education, economic and safety for South Dakota, as well as each of the state's 66 counties.

The report contains specific information on areas such as low birth weight babies, child death rates, births to single teens, enrollment and dropout numbers, special education child count, infant mortality rates, teen violent death rates, poverty data, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), and food stamp usage. It also provides demographic information, vaccination rates, seat belt usage and automobile fatalities and injuries, as well as an explanation of the data, where it was obtained and definitions of child well-being indicators.

"The 1998 Factbook is an important resource and planning tool for business leaders, media, public servants, elected officials, community groups, or anyone working toward improving the quality of life for all children in South Dakota," said Carole Cochran, South Dakota KIDS COUNT project coordinator. "The ultimate goal of publishing the report is to improve policy development, program planning and the provision of services for the benefit of children in our state."

With improvements in design and format, the 1998 Factbook includes new additions such as an Executive Summary, Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Motorcyclists in Traffic Accidents, and Age Distribution of Medicaid and food stamps (by county). It also lists various websites and information on how to perform data calculations.

The 1996 South Dakota KIDS COUNT Factbook was the recipient of a national award from the Association for the University Business and Economic Research (AUBER) for the best single volume publication. AUBER, the professional association of business and economic research organizations, recognizes outstanding publications in the field of business and economic research.

Copies of the 1998 South Dakota KIDS COUNT Factbook are available at no charge to individuals, organizations, businesses, public and university libraries and non-profit organizations, while supplies last. Contact the South Dakota KIDS COUNT Project at the Business Research Bureau, USD, (605) 677-5287. The publication is also available on the Internet website: http://www.

For more information, contact Carole Cochran, (605) 677-5287, or email: ccochran@

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