South Dakota produces record row crops

South Dakota produces record row crops South Dakota produced a record soybean, corn and sunflower crop in 1998, according to USDA's South Dakota Agricultural Statistics Service.

Record yields were set for soybeans, corn, corn silage, grain sorghum, sorghum silage and sunflowers. Revisions to 1997 crops were based on a historic review of all data, plus U.S. Ag Census data.

Soybean production in 1998 was a record 133.38 million bushels, up 17 percent from the revised 1997 production of 113.75 million bushels. Yield, at 39 bushels per acre, was 1 bushel above 1994's previous record yield. Harvested acres, at a record 3.42 million, were up 5 percent from 1997's revised 3.25 million acres. Planted acres, at a revised 3.45 million, compared to 3.30 million acres last year.

Corn for grain production, at a record 429.55 million bushels, was up 32 percent from 1997's revised production of 326.4 million bushels. The yield was 121 bushels per acre, 13 bushels above 1994's previous record and 25 bushels above 1997's revised yield. Acreage harvested for grain, at 3.55 million, was 4 percent above the previous year. Planted acres were revised to 3.90 million.

Sorghum for grain production, at 9.94 million bushels, was down 12 percent from 1997. Grain yield matched last year's record of 71 bushels per acre. Acres harvested for grain, at 140,000, were down 12 percent from 1997.

Sunflower production, at 1,507.17 million pounds, the highest production on record, was up 26 percent from 1997's revised production of 1,195.23 million pounds. Yield, at 1,631 pounds per acre, was 80 pounds above 1994's previous record.

Harvested acreage, at 924,000 was up 13 percent from 1997's revised acreage and was the state's second largest acreage. Planted acres were revised to 940,000. Oil sunflower production represented 96 percent of the total production.

Alfalfa hay production totaled 5.76 million tons, up 9 percent from 1997. Yield was 2.4 tons per acre, compared to 2.3 tons the previous year. Harvested acres, at 2.40 million, were up 4 percent from 1997. Other hay production totaled 2.40 million tons, down 5 percent from the previous year's revised production. Yield was 1.5 tons per acre, compared to last year's 1.4 tons per acre. Harvested acreage, at 1.60 million acres, was down 11 percent from 1997's revised acreage.

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