VHS basketball season update

VHS basketball season update by Vicky Lio Varsity Tanagers basketball season opened Dec. 11 with a 66-55 win at home over Harrisburg.

"The boys came out strong and ready to play," Coach Troy Terronez said. "We played very well defensively."

Beau Blouin, a Sioux Falls Washington transfer student, led the team in defense with six rebounds and three steals. Doug Hanson caught five rebounds and Nick Hovden made four assists.

Hanson led the Tanagers shooting 22 points. Hovden had 12 points and Blouin 9 points.

Harrisburg guard Chris Stoebner led his team with 26 points. Brett Kieffer had 10 points.

The Tanager's second game ended in a loss to Lennox with a score of 49-46 in overtime.

With seconds left on the clock Vermillion had the opportunity to win the game. But the ball didn't fall and a score of 41-41 sent the game into overtime.

"I was pleased with the way we played against Lennox, they're a great team with a great tradition," Terronez said. "We missed lay-ups during the game that would have prevented going into overtime."

Hanson led Vermillion with 14 points and 9 rebounds. Nick Mayer followed with 9 points, Cullen Iverson with 8 points and Hovden and Cory Novak with 7 points.

Blouin caught 6 rebounds and made 4 assists.

Chris Hanssen led Lennox with 15 points and Shane Bartels had 9 points.

"This was a learning experience and will provide motivation for the next time we meet," Terronez said.

The next game resulted in a 85-77 loss to South Sioux City.

Hanson led Vermillion with 34 points and 8 rebounds. Blouin scored 20 points and caught 5 rebounds. Hovden had 9 points, 4 assists and 6 steals.

"We played an aggressive defense, but sometimes teams like that catch fire and the score ends up being a big blow-out. We did well being within 8 points," Terronez said.

Although most shots were contested South Sioux shot with an 80 percent accuracy rate in the second half. Throughout the entire game, the team shot 62 percent for 3-pointers and 61 percent 2-pointers.

Tom Flynn led South Sioux with 23 points. Tim Hornbech had 17 points, Billy McIntosh 15 points, Tim Gesell 11 points and Drew Wagner had 10 points.

Vermillion won the game against Alcester with a score of 76-61.

The Tanagers started out in the zone to take away Alcester's inside game.

"When Erik and Eric nailed the 4 three-pointers (total), we pulled out in a man-to-man and adjusted nicely," said Terronez.

Hanson led the Tanagers with 24 points.

Blouin had 19 points, 10 rebounds and 5 steals. Jordan Thompson scored 9 points. Iverson scored 8 points and caught 8 rebounds. Bo Nelson scored 7 points.

Hanson caught 9 rebounds. Hovden made 5 assists and 3 steals.

Erik Sommervold led Alcester with 21 points. Eric Haugland scored 17 points and Adam Hofer scored 12 points.

"We need to work on our weak-side defense because larger teams will throw the ball inside and we have to be down low. However, our hard work on the board payed off because we out rebounded Alcester 35 to 21," Terronez said.

"The players have been working together and have developed a unity with each other. They know their abilities and are mentally and physically strong enough to play well through the tough schedule," Terronez said.

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