Administration offices not in school proposal

Administration offices not in school proposal School Comments

by Superintendent Bob Mayer The Vermillion School District Board of Education on Jan. 25, passed a resolution to send the proposed building project to the voters of the district. In the coming weeks a campaign to educate the citizens will begin.

The Sioux Falls media (Argus Leader, KSFY-TV) recently stated that the project included the following: library expansion and renovation, construction of a commons, kitchen, auditorium, auxiliary gym, and administrative offices. Voters should be informed that there are no plans to build administrative offices.

The Facilities Task Force of citizens evaluated the entire building project including the possibility of moving the schools' central office from its present location to the new proposed site. The cost of such a move was estimated at $360,000. Although the idea of having all the administrative offices in the schools has merit, the plan is cost prohibitive. Voters will be asked to increase their property taxes for the proposed project and that increase will go to build facilities for children, not offices for administrators.

The school currently leases its central office at 17 Prospect from U S West. We are in the last year of that lease. We are currently negotiating a new lease with U S West. If these negotiations are not successful, we will find a new home but we will not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to construct a new facility.

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