Commission agrees to prioritize road repair

Commission agrees to prioritize road repair by David Lias The Clay County Commission agreed Tuesday that a priority list should be formed for road repair after discussing several stretches of county highways and roads with Highway Superintendent Art Leifgen.

Leifgen is currently working on obtaining property rights of way from landowners along Ufford Road, also known as Fairview Avenue, as the county prepares to begin a repair project on the road.

Leifgen estimated that it will cost the county approximately $6,000 to acquire the land needed to widen the road and make other improvements.

Total cost of the road project is estimated to be $330,000.

"As far as the funding, I have that amount in the budget this year," Leifgen told the commissioners, "if you want to do it this year."

Commissioner Paul Hasse questioned the selection of Ufford Road over Burbank Road.

"Burbank Road has a lot more traffic," he said. "People expect work to be done on that road first. I think it should be a top priority."

He suggested that the county pay for work on the Burbank Road with a bond issue. "We should also save that Ufford Road expense and you won't have to borrow as much."

The commission agreed to seek a report from County Sheriff Dusty Passick on safety and accident numbers on county roads.

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