Deadline for assessment freeze sign-up draws near

Deadline for assessment freeze sign-up draws near by David Lias Clay County Treasurer Cathi Powell reminds disabled and senior citizens that they have until April 1 to file the necessary documents to apply for a freeze on the assessments of their dwellings.

In order to be eligible for the assessment freeze, county residents must meet the following criteria, she said:

* They must be age 65 on or before Jan. 1, 1999, or they must offer documented proof that they are disabled. The proof of disability must be submitted each year.

* They must have owned a single family dwelling for at least three years.

* Applicants who have owned single family dwellings for less than three years must have been a resident of South Dakota for five years or more.

* Applicants must have lived in their single family dwellings for at least eight months of the previous calendar year.

* Persons who live alone and wish to apply for the assessment freeze must have a yearly income of under $14,000.

* Applicants who live in a multiple-member household qualify for the freeze if the members' combined income is under $17,500.

"What is filed this year will affect what you pay in the year 2000," Powell said.

Besides giving such basic information as name, address, phone number, date of birth and Social Security number on the application, people seeking the assessment freeze must also provide a legal description of the property for which the assessment freeze is to apply, and must disclose their total annual income.

One of the easiest ways an applicant can provide proof of income is to attach a copy of his or her complete federal income tax return.

"Effective Jan. 1, 1999, the income limits will be increased yearly by the index factor," Powell said.

For more information, contact the Clay County Treasurer's Office at 677-7123.

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