FB, Jones’ Food Center give to Ronald McDonald

FB, Jones' Food Center give to Ronald McDonald Clay County Farm Bureau and Jones' Food Center teamed up Feb. 9 to donate food to the Ronald McDonald House in Sioux Falls for Food Check-Out Day.

Nearly $100 worth of food was donated, according to Phyllis Sternquist, Women's Chairman for Clay County Farm Bureau.

Food Check-Out Day is a Farm Bureau celebration of the bounty from America's farms and ranches and how that bounty is shared with American consumers through affordable food prices.

According to the latest statistics provided by the Agriculture Department, the average American devotes only 10.7 percent of his or her disposable personal income to pay for food. When applied to calendar days, the average American will have earned enough income to pay for his or her family's annual food supply in just 40 days, hence, the celebration on Feb. 9 — the 40th day of the year.

"Not only is America's food supply the world's safest, but it's also the most affordable," said Joyce Haak, South Dakota Farm Bureau Women's Chairman. "It speaks well of our nation's increasing standard of living, which would certainly be reduced without the affordable, domestic food supply produced by America's farmers and ranchers."

Haak hopes Americans will come to understand that the high-quality, affordable food they enjoy is "a product of our successful food production and distribution system, as well as America's farmers retaining access to effective and affordable crop protection tools," she said.

"Food Check-Out Day should hold meaning for most Americans," Haak continued. "As food producers, we are concerned that some Americans cannot afford to buy the food they need, but we are proud of the part South Dakota farmers play in making our food supply more affordable for all."

In honor of Food Check-Out Day, Farm Bureaus across the country donated food to their local Ronald McDonald Houses, which provide a home away from home for families of seriously ill children receiving medical treatment at a nearby hospital.

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