FSA Notes By Keith Zanter Loan Deficiency Payments (LDPs)

FSA Notes By Keith Zanter Loan Deficiency Payments (LDPs) There are a couple of LDP rules to remember before you sell your grain off the farm. The form that you signed "before harvest" is no longer valid for grain delivered after harvest. Any LDP request for grain that was stored must be covered by CCC-666 to be eligible for payment.

This request must be done anytime before the grain is sold. Payment under this provision is figured based on the date of request. If you have 1998 grain stored in a bin, please contact the office before you sell the grain � to keep yourself eligible for any possible benefits. The deadline for 1998 crop Loans and LPDs is May 31.

Smal hog operation payment program

USDA will be making approximately $50 million in direct cash payments to small hog producers. Producers qualify for the direct payments if they marketed fewer than 1,000 hogs during the last six months of 1998 and are still in operation. Producers are not eligible for payments on hogs marketed under fixed-price or cost-plus contracts. Any operation whose gross income for 1998 was greater than $2.5 million will not be eligible for payments.

Producers will be paid up to $5 per slaughter-weight hog (or the equivalent for feeder pigs and other swine) multiplied by the number of hogs marketed during the last six months of 1998. The actual payments may be less than $5, given the limited amount of funding available under law.

Sign-up will be conducted until Feb. 12. Producers will be required to file an application at the Farm Service Agency Office. Information will include, but is not limited to: 1) the names of the operation and a list of persons involved in it, 2) the number of finished and feeder pigs marketed in the last six months of 1998, and 3) the buyers of the hogs and pigs.

Please contact the FSA Office for further information.

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